Intel vs. AMD: Which Brand of CPU Should You Choose?

Intel vs. AMD: Which Brand of CPU Should You Choose?

Building a PC will not be an easy job for the beginners. It is something like you are going to an adventure without knowing the destination. You will have to deal with many technical difficulties, especially with the endless combination of the parts that you need to use to prepare the system. You need to pick up the right set of the components that are compatible with one another. You need have an idea about the different components, compatibility, usages, and the price.

You will have to choose from the thousands of components. But before choosing any of them, you will have to take a decision between the Intel and AMD. You should know which processor can be more effective with the advanced features and improved performance.

Both the Intel and AMD are considered good for your PC. If you want to use the best one, you will have to go through the features of Intel and AMD. You should do a thorough research about the price, performance, graphics, and other facilities.

Do you want to know more about these two brands? Do you want to know which one can offer the best result within your budget? If yes, then you can consider visiting this article. This article will make a fair comparison of both these brands. That will help you to have an idea about the price, performance, and the graphics.

What will that mean for you? Briefly, it suggests that AMD and Intel ar relatively competitive for the first time in many years, that is nice news for users. Each companies ar manufacturing processors that are within striking distance of 1 another on nearly each front — price, power, and performance.


Both these companies provide processors with wide price options with different features. But if you are looking for an affordable option, you can consider AMD. AMD chips are affordable. The least expensive versions of AMD are Athlon and Sempron. You can also consider buying the A-series processor with the dual-core at this price. The minimum price will be $30.

For the Intel processor, you will have to spend more. For the Celeron G1820 with dual-core of Intel, you need to spend $45. But when it comes to the features and support level, you will find positive reviews for the Intel. Users find that the Intel offers an improved performance in comparison to the AMD. With the Intel processor, you can expect superior computer performance even at the low end of the market. With a flexible budget, you can consider anything like Pentium, Core product, or a Celeron.

In addition, AMD sells squads at a cheap price in comparison to the Intel. You can get an A6-5400K with four cores for just $45. It can be a good option for those using the software that benefits from the many cores and they are unable to afford a $180 Core i5 quad.

What does that mean for you? In short, it way AMD and Intel are exceedingly aggressive for the primary time in several years, that’s terrific news for customers. Both organizations are producing processors which are within a hanging distance of each other on nearly each front — fee, strength, and performance.



When it comes to the performance, both of these processors are able to enhance the experience of the users. With the use of the ATI, AMD initiated to integrate the graphical processing ability to the CPU core. If you use the AMD chip for the gaming, you can expect the better performance than an equivalent Intel chip. But that will be possible only with the use of the ATI graphics card. Otherwise, the performance of the Intel chip will be better. AMD chip is also multi-tasking. But you can utilize this feature with the software that supports multi-tasking.


AMD chips are not quick like the Intel, that can be a downside for the high-end games. Intel’s i7 and i5 can offer better performance with the high-end graphics while playing with a big budget.


Many CPUs come with a fixed clock speed. These are designed in such way that they will remain stable if you are performing optimally. If you are interested to get more from the CPU and to improve the performance level, then you can do a twist to the processor popularly known as the overclocking. This feature increases the speed of the CPU clock above the designed rate (as well as the price of the CPU).

It is not difficult to overclocking a processor. But you will have to first enable your processor to be overclocked. Most CPUs come with locked multipliers that prevent the players from overclocking them.

Both the brands have this feature. They offer unlocked CPUs with different price range. AMD is more consistent in overclocking than the Intel. AMD is overclock-friendly and offers mid-range chips that are more capable for better overclocking than the Intel. Intel reserves the unlocked chips. It uses the chips for the high-end games and it also demands more than AMD.

You can get this feature with AMD A-Series APUs at $45. You can get many other options within $100. With the Intel, you will get two overclocking option. This is Pentium G3258 (that charges $70) it is well-equipped and has the ability to overclock from the base clock of 3.2GHz up to around 4.5GHz and… an unlocked “K” series Intel processor. Particularly the “K” series processors designed for overclocking. They will have a “K” in their model name (e.g. i5-6600K). This includes processors from Ivy Bridge, Sandy Bridge, and Haswell. You will not get overclocking in the mid-range chips with the Intel that you can get with the AMD. You will find multiple options in the high-end graphics with the Intel. These chips are considered more effective and quicker than the AMD. For the fast work, gaming, video rendering you can consider the Intel. But you will have to spend more money for all the improved features.


Both the AMD and Intel offer excellent graphics. You will find hard to choose any of them. If you Are building a gaming PC, Frankly you should be using a Different graphics card, or GPU, Instead of relying upon a CPU’s integrated graphics to run games as demanding as The Witcher 3.  Be that as it may, if all you are looking to do is play League of Legends at small settings or relive your youth with a hard drive filled with emulators, the hottest Intel Kaby Lake or AMD A-Series APU chips will probably fare just as well as any top-end graphics card. On the high end, like in cases where you are going to be pairing your CPU with a strong AMD or Nvidia GPU, an Intel chip is the better choice. In this instance, using an Intel Core i3 or i5 CPU as opposed to an AMD equivalent can make the difference between 15 and 30 frames per second. While there’s no clear winner in the graphics section, survey says AMD is the better choice for integrated graphics (for the time being), whereas Intel works best when coupled with a GPU. If you will compare the performance, you will find AMD better in certain levels. The AMD chips are not quick like the Intel, but they offer better integrated graphics and more cores within your price. With the AMD chips, you can play most of the games at low to the medium detail with 1080p resolution.

Availability and support

Both these brands are easily available in the current market. In the end, the largest drawback with AMD processors is that the lack of compatibility with different elements. Specifically, motherboard (mobo) options are restricted as a result of the differing sockets between AMD and Intel chips.  Intel motherboards are slightly more commonplace. Intel motherboards appear to have a lower beginning value, too, as a result of the large choice of kit to pick from.

Nevertheless, deciding on a central processor is ultimately up to private preference.  If you want to buy the best processor for your PC, you will have to understand your requirements first and then you can consider the features to take the right decision.

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